Friday, February 18, 2011

Robert Murphy Revolution

Revolutionist’s today are using much more intricate and advanced methods of revolution. Aside from the typical violence and damages, revolutionists are using more technological methods of protest. Media and internet are now great ways of getting a message across. Facebook and Twitter have been used recently to gain support for a cause. The uprising against the president in Egypt is a prime example of how the people have used media and internet to gain support or get their message across. The government even decided to cut off the internet entirely in the country in fear that the protesters would become too powerful. This emphasizes how powerful social networking really is. It is extremely effective

The New York Times article also notes the power of social networking and also puts emphasis on bloggers. NYT’s article talks about how these social networks became a base for the uprising. The protest was a very large plan in the making, in which almost all of the planning took place over the internet with people voicing their opinions and their troubles with the government and president of Egypt.

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