Saturday, March 5, 2011

Sang L What is the apparatus of revolution?

Revolutions have taken a huge part of human history around the globe over a long period of time. The basic reason for all of the revolutions has been the same: freedom. However different ways of revolutions have derided from new technologies in modern society. Since communications are one of the most important factors for people to unite together against the government, new technology has changed the “look” of the revolutions and has shortened the period. From using newspapers, letters, or even a mere use of runner messenger, an instant messages or emails take less time than one takes time to blink one’s eyes. A great example of effect of modern technology on revolution is a rebellion in Egypt. The president of Egypt, Mubarak held power for decades, and the people felt unfair and were treated unequally. Facebook, a famous social network website, has become really essential in maintaining and spreading the words of those in this rebellion that the Egyptian Government shut down the internet of the entire country. This example shows that unlike the old revolutions, today’s revolutions take less time and less violent, rather they are much more effective and united.