Saturday, October 2, 2010

Racism interpreted by S Lee

Racism is not only using forbidden racial slurs, but also defining others with stereotypes. There are surely many different races around the globe, and there are certain differences among different countries. Ever since the "classes" were created, people of certain group thought of them as superior than another. However, this is when there were "classes." In the United States and other countries, even though there are many logos that saying "We are the world," racism surely exists even in this very second. When people look at other races, it is human nature to look at the differences rather than the similarities. So racism usually deal with weakness or differences among many different races. There are also many stereotypes, such as women can not drive, Asians are good at math, Black people are athletic, etc. I think these stereotypes are the roots of the racism. From these stereotypes, people's eyes are colored with these non-sense stereotypes as they start to define the whole race with a certain stereotype and define them as what they think. However, as people may know, everyone is different. When Barack Obama ran the election against George Bush, there were surely some racism on internet, reports, newspapers and people's minds. However, Barack Obama won the election and became the president, this case shows that people are slowly changing and start to substitute the logo "We are the world" in to their heads and minds. This case also showed that the day that all the stereotypes disappear is, hopefully, coming soon.